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Wednesday, December 05 2018
CBD Oil for Pet Health Care


Published in the Ministry of Hemp:

Early research and anecdotal testimonials show that CBD has helped pets in many different ways. Here’s a preliminary list of various conditions that CBD has been found to help treat:

Chronic Pain
Deteriorating Quality of Life
Digestive Issues
Fatty Tumors
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Joint & Mobility Issues
Phobias (Fireworks, Thunderstorm)
Skin Problems

Check out our Pet Line at

"Proof is in the Pup"

tel: 587 447-4046

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Monday, November 26 2018
Spuds MacKenzie

Did ya know;

Spuds was a fictional dog created specifically for use in an advertising campaign for Budweiser Light Beer in the 1980's. Spuds not only sold beer, Spuds sold a lot of Spud merchandise like t-shirts and toys.

Spuds was a bull terrier, cast as a male but was in actuality a female. Her real name was Beauregard Lollygags. Now that's a name!

A lot of controversy followed Spuds throughout his/her career. Anheuser-Busch was accused of luring children into having an interest in their product by pitching Spuds to them. (It's interesting to note that the Federal Trade Commission found no evidence to support this previous allegation.)

When the Spuds image began overshadowing the product, Anheuser-Busch decided to pull the campaign in 1989.

So there are a few of our favorite TV dogs. How many more can you dig up... C'mon, it's not that ruff!

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Friday, November 16 2018
Doggie Blogs

Did ya know?


While German Shepherds are my favorites, Lassie has been an all time favorite TV dog for years (as well as being the only animal on Variety's "100 Icons of The Century" list!) This fictional female collie dog was created by Eric Knight in what was first a short story, then a novel and a movie (Lassie Come Home.)

In 1954 Lassie made it onto TV and the show lasted for 19 years! A second Lassie series emerged in the 1980s, then in 1997 a new Lassie series appeared on Animal Planet. Lassie was one of three animals to be awarded a star on the Hollywood 'Walk of Fame' (the other two being silent film star Strongheart and Rin Tin Rin.

"Proof is in the Pup"

587 447-4046

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Thursday, November 15 2018

Here's little note from Toby who had anxiety problems when he travelled. His owners have been giving him CBD Oil for Pets and he is an eager traveller now. Toby's results are another reason I give the dogs at my Kennel CDB Oil.

Please give me a call or click on this link if you would like more information

"Proof is in the Pup"

email: info@

587 447-4046

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Tuesday, October 23 2018
CBD Oil for Pet Health Care

If you have been following my Blogs you will know I have been using CBD Oil & CBD Treats at my Kennel for the past year. The results for my dogs have been amazing. Here's just one of the health benefits of CBD  for pets that I have noticed first hand; 

Relieving Pain and Inflammation

Relieving pain and inflammation is the most popular benefit of CBD for pets.

Pain can be a symptom of many types of health conditions. While inflammation is part of the healing process, it can increase pain or discomfort.

Luckily, studies show that CBD can suppress and even interrupt the pain signals in your dog’s brain. This can help alleviate both acute and chronic pain.

But it not only interrupts those pain signals, it can also reduce the inflammation that causes the pain in the first place.

Here are just some of the common health problems that cause pain that CBD can help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Sprains and strains
  • Torn ligaments
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Elderly Dogs

Most conventional veterinarians will recommend drugs like NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) for these conditions. These conventional drugs can have adverse effects. Very few side effects have been reported with CBD (most side effects are mainly due to sensitivities). Instead, studies show that replacing those conventional meds with CBD is much safer for your dog or other pet. CBD contains virtually no THC and will not get your pet stoned!

CBD is truly amazing. I have been so impressed with how my dogs health and day to day well being has improved while taking CBD  that I am now making it available to all my client dog owners and recommending it to other pet owners. My Assistant Nancy Westlake is coordinating my pet health care products. If you would like more information about the product manufacturer, product line-up or would like to place an order please click on the link below;

"Proof is in the Pup"

(587) 447-4046

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Monday, October 01 2018

Just a head's up - Janzhaus has 2 male puppies for adoption. Proud parents are;

Mother - Yenni Nivalda

Father - Turan V.D. Piste Trophe from the 2x VA1 pedigree of Remo vom Fichtenschlag Schh3, IPO3,and VA1, BSZS Willy vom Kuckucksland, SCHH3, IPO3.

Coming Soon;

 A new litter from parents to be Emmi von Janzhaus and Cizko von Janzhaus. These arrivals are expected in mid October.

For more details please call me (587) 447-4046 or email me

"Proof is in the Pup"

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Tuesday, September 04 2018
Search & Rescue Workshop

Janz Haus German Shepherds will be hosting a Search & Rescue Workshop on Sept. 23, 2018 with special guest Mark Hall.

Mark is a K9 Handler with Canada Task Force 2 (CTF2) and works with our outstanding Janz Haus boy, Axel von Janzhaus. CTF2 is based in Calgary, Ab and is an "all hazards" Disaster Team with diverse capacity to respond to a variety of man-made or natural disasters. The team is composed of over 150 Rescue Specialists, Doctors, Paramedics, Structual Engineers, Communication Specialists, Canine & Technical Searchers, Logistics Specialists and Command Staff, who volunteer their time to train and prepare so that they may respond as a highly specialized team, capable of handling a wide variety of demanding disaster and rescue situations. This team is funded by both the Provincial & Federal governments. 

Mark has been working with dogs for the past 30 years. He was a Police Officer for 20 years in the United Kingdom where he was a K9 Handler working with both German Shepherds and Labradors. Both breeds were used in tracking, searching, criminal apprehension, and explosive detection. Mark immigrated to Canada in 2008 where he has continued his career and is now a Police Officer with the Calgary Police Service. Mark is now also the Team Leader for the K9 Section of CTF2.

Mark's expertise includes identifying and selecting a dog for the purpose of Search & Rescue such as my Axel von Janzhaus. I am proud to say Axel is a purebred GS from Janz Haus and is now a fully certified Heavy Urban Search & Rescue K9 to a level 1 & 2 in a disaster profile. Axel is one of only 17 Level 2 Rescue Dogs in Canada. 

Our Workshop is open to dog owners who with their dogs would like to become involved as search and rescue volunteers and give back to their communities while helping to save lives. Mark will be demonstrating s & r training techniques and identifying dogs with s & r potential.

Our Workshop is being offered as a Community Service to dog owners wishing to become involved in search and rescue. There is no charge for the workshop but attendance is limited to the first 6 dog/dog owners who register. The Workshop will go from 10 - 2 on September 23, 2018 at Janz Haus Kennels, Sylvan Lake, Ab. To register please use the comments section of this blog or email or call (587) 447-4046. Directions provided upon registration.

The Proof is in the Pup

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Tuesday, August 14 2018
Pet Health Care

Here's a great article by Blake Armstrong of Dogs Naturally on CBD (Cannabidoil) which is coming soon from Janz Haus.

CBD for Dogs - How it Can Help these 5 Common Conditions

You may have heard about CBD for dogs. It's becoming a popular topic....but if you are like many dog owners you might not be 100% convinced it will help your dog.

The truth is CBD has many health benefits for dogs.

CBD is a compound found in cannabis and the CDB found in most pet supplements is sourced from hemp a variety of the cannabis plant. Here's the most important point hemp is not the same as marijuana! Hemp has very low levels of THC (the element of marijuana that causes a psychoactive effect) but is higher in CBD the substance that provides thereapeutic effects.

Bottom line CBD products will not get your dog buzzed or stoned.

So while CBD won't give your dog the munchies and is why so many pet owners including me are using it to help our dogs. Here's how it works in treating many common conditions. A dog's body system is made up of many receptors. Your dog has 2 specific receptors;

  1. CB1 Receptors - located in the brain, nrevous system, glands and organs
  2. CB2 Receptors - located in the regulatory cells of the immune system

CBD works by targeting these receptors, restoring balance when things are out of whack. That's why it's so good for so many different ailments. In my next series of posts I am going to focus on these 5 common conditions that CBD so effectively treats;

Relieving Pain and Inflamation - the most common benefit for dogs.

Cancer - offsets the painful side effects of medication.

Anxiety and Stress - if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Obesity  - it's not just a problem for us humans.

Skin Conditions - is your dog licking and scratching.

"The proof is in the pup"


587 447-4046

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Wednesday, August 01 2018

I want to remind my followers of a new line of German Shepherds I continue offer. These dogs are working line and show line puppies from Europe's world title pedigrees. They make excellant family companions and are outstanding working line dogs. All are strong nerved, even temperament and have a sound body structure. My clients have never been so happy with their choice to adopt one of these Janz Haus puppies.

I am taking reservations now so please contact me to be added to the waiting list.

"Proof is in the Pup"

(587) 447-4046

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Tuesday, July 31 2018

Thanks to Lavi & Sebastian for sharing pics of Tigra & Frtiz von Janz Haus getting ready to hit the road!!

"Proof is in the Pup"

587 447-4046

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