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Mark and Axel

Hi Jan,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Axel.

He has turned into the most amazing dog that I have ever owned. His temperament is incredible coupled with his outstanding drive to work.

I have included a couple of pictures of him and me for your information if you wanted to use them.

We are now part of a ground search and rescue team in Cochrane and are still training hard.


Hi Jan
I got my German Shepherd puppy from Janzhaus in February 2012.  Sarge was the first pick male from the Ozkar/Ali litter.  He has quickly become a member of this family already showing his protectiveness over our three children; especially my little Grace (5 year old daughter).  It's amazing how Sarge seems to know to play gentle with her.  He would've made a fine police K-9 I'm sure as he shows signs of very high intelligence and drive.  At only 8 months, he has learned some basic tracking, he can perform a stay command as long as I will allow it to continue, and he has incredible play and food drive for learning.  He LOVES to chase his ball, wrestle with me, and bark at anyone he thinks doesn't belong! People who have been to our home to visit cannot believe how obedient he is for such a young dog.  Sarge seems to be on pace to grow big like his grandfather Cisko!  At only 8 months old he is already over 70lbs and I keep him very lean.  
Jan was so great with me during the buying process and especially great with the after delivery help. She would quickly respond to any concern or question that I had giving me a real sense of security with my new best friend.  I look forward to a wonderful time of making memories with Sarge and our family.  
Kind regards,
Leonard Winsor


Hi Jan
I met one of your young dogs this morning. As a trainer of over 30 years I must say the pup I met was one of the finest all round GS puppies I have seen in a long time. I would recommend your dogs to anyone worthy of such a quality animal. Larry - Konfident Kanines Inc

Sadie/Cisko pup


Hi Jan


I just thought I'd let you know that Shenzi has finished her first set of obedience classes.  She learns quickly for her age.  I am very proud of her.  She goes to her mat on command and lays down, sits, stays, shakes a paw, rolls over and eats more treats than I can keep up with.
Her coat is very pretty and I actually had a car stop one day and a lady and her husband commented on how beautiful Shenzi is.  She has very nice markings and Sadie's eyes.  She is always busy, and has only destroyed a few things, which is to be expected from pups.
Next I am enrolling her into an agility and off-leash class.  I want to keep her active to keep her stimulated.  We walk everyday and she walks beside me like a pro.  She doesn't pull at all and I presently am using a gentle leader with her.  Later on I'm going to put her into a tracking class.
I am very much enjoying her and getting her socialized.  She responds well to other dogs and J.C. is really good with the socializing part.  He lets his dogs come out and play at the end of class and he has about 13 dogs of his own, so there are large and small dogs.  Shenzi is an "in your face" type dog and for more touchy dogs they tune her in quickly.  She takes it in stride and moves on to get in another dog's face.  It is quite humorous.  We likened her to the drunk that is always annoying people by being up close to their face. lol.
I see pictures of your other puppies and all I can say is anyone is lucky to have one or more of your pups.  They are such wonderful dogs.  Thank you for sharing the pictures!
Shenzi and I wish you and your entire family - dogs included, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Fibi/Baro pup
Hi Jan:
I hope all is well with you, your husband, family and fur-children and that you're home is close to complete!
I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that Juno  is doing great.I began training her right away, and she has mastered sit, stay, down, come, "high 5", speak, play dead, leave it and a few other good manners.
At 16 weeks old she's 33lbs already!  She plays very well with the neighbourhood dogs (especially the big ones). Her best buds are a golden retreiver, a black shepherd and a 120 lb mastiff!! (all boys).
Thank you for all your advice and support leading up to our adoption of Juno. She really is a fantastic dog, and her coat is incredible. (And those striped "fingers" are a real conversation starter.)
Feel free to send anyone my way if they would like some independent perspective of your kennel and dogs.  . We couldn't be happier with Juno!

2 weeks ago Juno (and I) graduated from a canine safety/obedience course run by an outfit here in Calgary called Clever Canines. (10 weeks -- 3 times/week).

The classes take place outdoors, rain or shine, in all parts of the city (parks, downtown, suburbs, even on the C-Train!) The classes teach you how to keep your dog safe, while strengthening your bond and building their obedience skills. And they DO NOT use treats as incentive. (The owners are competitive stock dog trainers by trade).

All that to say -- Juno was a STAR! She lives to please, learns incredibly quickly, and impressed the pants off everyone at the graduation Olympics (pics coming soon).

She even came in 3rd (out of 75 dogs) in the "lay/stay" contest -- staying put for nearly 20 minutes while I stood about 100 feet away with my back turned. They even rolled TENNIS BALLS in front of her to try to break her focus!! Here's a picture (again, no treats were used -- and no PHOTOSHOP) of Juno --top row, 2nd from left--with her 18 classmates from CleverCanines (there were 4 different classes).

All the best,
Leah, John & Juno 

Suzie/Baro pup
Cisko was purchased by Obedienceplus K9 (Werner and Janet Hader) in Maple Ridge B.C. when Cisko was barely one year old. Having seen potential in him, they proceeded to train him in obedience, protection, patrol and tracking. Being a quick learner, Cisko validated as a patrol and protection K9 in May 2011, at the tender age of 14 months old. Cisko has also been trained in narcotics detection and easily alerts to marijuana. This is extremely young for a dog to have achieved such titles and we are extremely pround of him.
Cisko is a wonderful and loving dog who consistently works whenever required. He is an extremely intelligent and substantial male who is versatile in his abilities and works for anyone at the end of the leash. Although he remains true to his Master, Cisko's fun loving attitude has earned a special place in our hearts.
Eldon Seaward
Kordite Kennels
Prairie K9 Services



Ara/Cisko pup



Since my German Shepherd passed away last year I had been looking for a new GSD that would be trained in Search & Rescue. I did a lot of internet searching and was considering buying from other parts of Canada or into the USA. During my searching I came across 'Janzhaus Kennels' and was intrigued. I immediately loved the website and all of the information and pictures it contained.

I then gave 'Jan' a call and wow I was hooked. I found her to be very supportive and knowledgeable and she was very accommodating to me. Buying a new dog in any event is a stressful thing. I visited Janzhaus kennels and loved that the dogs were kept outside and were fed a raw food diet. I was very impressed with the whole set up and decided that I would go for a Cisko & Ara litter. At 7 weeks old I again visited Jan  and spent a number of hours selecting our new puppy which we named 'Axel'. I am extremely pleased with 'Axel' who has grown up to be a very special dog. He has fantastic prey drive and is excelling in Search & Rescue training. We have already flew to Vancouver Island and Los Angeles for training and I would recommend Janzhaus Kennels to any person that is  considering either a Search & Rescue dog or a new dog as a companion for the family.

I have found Jan's puppies to be very well balanced with great temperaments. Thank you Jan for your continuing support. I look forward to keeping you updated with Axel's progress.
Mark Hall


Jule/Baro pup

Jule/Baro pup

Hi Jan, Murray,

Here is a picture you probably won't see again! This is Tye getting the "bad guy" in our front field, he is 10 months old in this picture and right around 110 pounds.


It is all my wife Lisa can do to try and hold on to him, and sooner or later she is going to wish that I wasn't wearing a sleeve! Those are his 3 sisters in the back, the oldest is his favourite because she lets him on the bed.

He has since been for some training and is biting off the leash, as well as guarding an object. We are getting the tracking going at the end of this month and then the last thing will be some light drug detection so we can screen the boys and their trucks at work a little; and mostly so Tye can tell us what he thinks of the girls choice of "friends" in the coming years.


Abbotsford, B.C



  Loki x Wasso pup

I was looking on the Internet after losing my Best Friend and Companion Service Dog, O.T.Ch. LittleBear U.D., C.S.D.. I knew I needed & wanted to get another G.S.D. with as strong of German bloodlines as possible. I contacted Jan, and she invited my daughter and myself out to visit her kennel. I've had GSD's continually since June 27, 1979. I've also been a breeder of them. So I know what I was looking for in a puppy. 
I was highly Impressed with Jan's adult dogs and their remarkable temperaments. Jan happened to mention to me that one their dogs, Wasso vom Messina who had been imported from Germany had been bred with a female they also owned. The dam of KDan was from excellent working lines as well. Wasso's sire being the highly impressive Remo Von Fichtenschlag,..I knew the puppies were going to be truly outstanding in everyway. There were 7 puppies in his litter. I was able to get 2nd pick. I wanted a male with lots of self confidence, very strong prey drive, dominant, etc. We looked at the puppies from Wasso and decided to purchase an amazing black and red male who we named KDan.
With my knowledge & background of GSD's which has been over thirty yrs. I know a lot about the breed, the high intelligence of them, and their outstanding temperaments. I have been so blessed to get him. I was able to teach KDan a very hard trick the 1st week I had him. He has truly exceeded every expectation I have of him. Wherever we go people always stop and remark of how beautiful he really is. When I was on holidays the staff at the place where I boarded him, complimented that he was the most beautiful and gorgeous GSD that they'd ever seen. While we were gone for three weeks driving for long periods of time at times he handled the traveling very well. He loves meeting people whenever he can, it's been so fun getting him socialized. He's probably already met over 1000 people and he just barely turned 5 months old. The reason for this is he is currently being trained as a Companion Service Dog, with being a Medical Alert his specialty. He is also going to be certified as a Pet Therapy Dog. I've trained and shown a lot of GSD in Obedience Trials and titled many of them. Besides being trained as a Companion Service Dog, I'm also training KDan in the basics of Obedience. He will earn the third level of obedience the Utility degree which is equilavent to a Ph.D in Canada as well as the USA. He will complete these degrees and become an Obedience Trial Champion. I'm really looking forward to showing him in these trials. He learns a concept so fast it really blows my mind.  It's a great joy to own such an extremely intelligent, remarkable dog such as KDan.
I once read that the only thing that will stop a GSD from learning is your ability to teach them, he's proved this many times over. Thank you Jan, for breeding the best breed in the world German Shepherds. You truly sell wonderful exquisite puppies. 
A very satisfied customer.
Carol E. Fowler


Zoe/Ozkar pup
I wanted to give you an update on Luxor. He's from the Zoe/Ozkar litter born Dec 24, 2011. Luxor has been a fantastic puppy! He kennel trained, potty trained and leash trained very quickly! Luxor loves his kennel now and will go right to it at bed time. He is now 19 weeks and weighs 47lbs!
Our vet is impressed with all of the information and attention to detail you gave us upon purchasing our puppy. She also says he will be a very big boy! They are from Eastern Europe and say that these he is the best looking German shepherd they have seen in a long time (since being in Europe)! 
We get comments at the dog park and everywhere we go about his good looks! He is in a dog class here in Calgary with Pawsitive Dawgs. It's a street safety course held in various locations in Calgary that runs 2x a week for 8 weeks. He is doing phenomenal! He is great off leash (his recall is great, very loyal!)  and he is so in love with his "big sister" Alexandria.
They love to play and roughhouse and sleep on the same bed. We also found out Luxor LOVES water. He followed Alex right into the river his first time there! He also has a curiosity about the shower/tub :). We just love him so so much and I can't imagine life without him! We will defiantly be getting our next GSD puppy from you. Thank you so much!
-Stephanie and Kristian
Calgary, AB

Jule/Baro pup

Hi Jan,
Jager has brought so much love into our family and I couldnt have asked for a better dog.  Jager is the type of dog that can sense when your down and will do his very best to be cheeky or silly to cheer you up. His favorite activity is chasing the stick, or playing in water. When we first picked him up all he would do it play in his water dish and all I could do was laugh. Jager is as quick as a whip, learns things very fast. He also loves to pose for the camera. When I see other German Shepherd pups, there is no comparison. Jager is strong, thick and very smart.
Thank you so much for providing us with such an awesome puppy. He means the world to us. I would recommend you as a breeder to everyone who is thinking about buying a German Shepherd. You are a very caring breeder and I love that you still keep in touch.
Rachael, Tyler and Jager


Dara/Cisko pup

Hi Jan

I want to thank you for giving me the best new puppy ever. She is 3 months old today and I love her very much. Little Mystaya is so smart and very loving. She learns every trick I teach her in record time. She is very naughty but I can't help not to laugh at her all the time. I recommend your kennel to everybody I know because I haven't seen this quality in German Shepherds in many years.

You have been great in keeping in touch and that is very important for Mystaya and myself. She is a very beautiful dog with a wonderful personality and I know she is going to be a great agility dog. I am very proud of her already and I hope you will come to see her trials when she is old enough. I hope you stay in breeding for many years to come.

All the best
Laurie from Calgary


Mystaya pup               Mystaya 4 months      


Fibi/Baro pup

Hi Jan,

Thought I would send you a few pictures and let you know how Odin is doing. He is an awesome puppy, very even tempered and smart. He was house trained within 3 days! He has a great personality and adapts remarkably well to new situations.

I continue to be amazed at how confident he is, the other weekend my husband I took him on the c-train downtown to socialize him, it didn't even faze him! He walked right on to the train and said hello to everyone. He is turning out to be quite the handsome man, always has a thoughtful, strictly business look on his face.

You breed the nicest German Shepherds I have seen in along time, it is rare to see such an awesome quality shepherd these days. Keep in touch and I'll send you more photos as he grows.

Calgary, Ab




I thought I would send some pictures of Odin playing with his best friend. If anyone asks about the temperament of your dogs, well a picture is worth a thousand words. Vida is an 8 month old Boston Terrier, she weighs about 5lbs (Odin weighs about 85lbs at 9 months) and they are in doggy love.

I can't say enough about Odin, he is such an amazing dog and he is just a pleasure to look at! He has even had strangers take pictures of him at the park because he is such a nice looking dog. He is so even tempered, great with kids and small dogs. He is also very protective and would not let anyone into our house unless he gets the okay from Mom and Dad.

Thank you so much for such an amazing dog!

Thanks, Kristi.


Fibi/Baro pup


She has the most incredible coloring ever and we are always getting compliments on it. Someone asked me if there is a special name for her color of coat and I said i wasn't aware but it's like shes a black and tan merle to it. An incredibly regal and proud face, and at least to us, she is exceptionally intelligent.

She is only (as you know a little over a year) but we are going to put her into SAR training as she can find anything, she loves to fetch and even at night if you throw a rock, she will bring back the exact rock you threw and finds it in the dark. At the dog park they have agility items, tubes etc. and she goes through goes over and is unafraid of pretty much anything.

She and her brother (lol, he is a cattle dog, but still her brother lol) are inseparable and really a great team. Thank you again for such a wonderful, loving, loyal smart beautiful dog!!

Bragg Creek. Ab


Sara/Axel pup

Hi Jan

Jan, you were very professional to deal with . There was no pressure to buy. You answered all our questions. We felt right at home. Kennels were clean and tidy. My Grand Daughter got to play with the puppies for a couple of hours before she choose her pup.

Caesar has grown into a beautiful dog and is very smart. He likes to be outdoors and going to the barn to help do chores. He is still a pup, loves to play and tease. Will keep sending you pictures.

Ron M. Lethbridge



Suzie/Baro pup

Hi Jan,

Hope things are well with yourself/family/dogs!

Erin and I have been meaning to send you a quick update about Radek [Baro/Suzi litter,] Radek is a little over 6 months old now, and weighs a tad under 65 pounds (pretty big!).

Radek is very smart and quick to learn. He's developing into a fantastic family dog, we are very happy with him!

He has an incredible drive to retrieve (ball/frizbee/stuffed animal/stick/anything thrown). Radek is very sociable with other dogs/people in public... although not a fan of vacuums/dustbusters. We are exited to continue to work with him to develop new skills.

Thanks for your hard work in developing outstanding, well-rounded GSD's!

All the best,
Cam & Erin



Nikkita/Cisko pup

Hi Jan,

Thanks for staying in touch, we love to hear from you. We really appreciate all the little tidbits you pass on, we try everything you recommend and it works for Jones. He is the best tracker and can find anything hidden. His nose is always to the ground searching. He found our little girl hiding in her play house. He is the best babysitter with watchful eyes when the kids are outside playing.

I don't know what we would do without him. He is the best puppy we could ever imagine. He loves his raw food diet, thanks for recommending it. Will send photos for you soon. Take care Jan, your the best.

Darcy R



Hi Jan,

Here is a shot of Tetonka I took last week, so you can see how happy he is, and how he has grown. Tetonka is a lovely, sweet and extremely affectionate Shepherd. He learns so very quickly, and is incredibly calm and confident, even at four months of age. He is a very happy puppy and has brought us great joy!

He is so handsome and charming that everyone smiles at him and want to pat him. He is marvelous with my neighbors' children and seems to truly enjoy their company. It was very easy to socialize him. He is a fine dog, very strongly built and with a clean and noble profile. He has almost perfect conformation, even at this young age. His drives all seem very balanced and he has a warm and interesting character. We are very happy with him, and very glad he is in our lives!

I very much recommend your kennel and I tell anyone who asks where we got him - and many people have asked, as he is so special and striking.

Janzhaus breeds wonderful dogs.....

Lisette A.
Wahington, D.C.



Hi Jan

We just want to Thank you for for our puppy "Abby". She is such a wonderful dog.

We are continually receiving compliments about her great looks to her wonderful temperament. She has a very soft mouth, keen nose, and is very smart and adaptable. She is calm and confident, a good friend and always ready to play or to have a snuggle. Abby is just an all round solid dog with a heart of gold. She gets along with other dogs and is just great with our kids too.

We also appreciate the time you give to us. Right from the start when we were in research stages visiting your dogs, to the present; if we have any questions, you are always willing to help out. All of your dogs are just nice to be around too. Our kids had no problem around any of your dogs when we came to visit. Your dogs are very respectful and kind to the people you invite in.

We just can't say enough....
Thanks again for breeding such wonderful GSD's. Our family is having blast....

Angela and Jason
Red Deer



Sara/Baro pup

Hi Jan, just wanting to tell you that we are so very happy with our little girl, Neeka. She is so intelligent and very quick to learn. She is 14 weeks old and understands the basic commands of sit, come, down, and is now learning "leave it" and "heel". She is so good on her walks and people adore her. Neeka is now showing her protection side of the breed.

She is letting us know when someone is coming to the door. She does not bother them, but just let's us know that perhaps we should check it out. She is in puppy classes and has met some wonderful other puppies who she can play with. You have a wonderful breeding program and raise fantastic German Shepherds. We sure love our "big" little girl and she fits perfectly into our family. Thank you so much Jan.

Lindsay H.



Ola/Cisko pup

Hi Jan

Thought I would send you a picture of Lola, she is the most amazing dog a person could ask for! Lola is so smart and gentle she is absolutely amazing, she loves working in the field with me and is so easy to train. I couldn't have asked for a better dog! My whole experience with you and your kennel has been great.

You had no problems answering the numerous questions I had about the German Shepherd breed, as well as keeping us informed about the puppies progress as they grew. Your kennel and living space for the dogs was neat and clean. I just enjoyed seeing your other dogs because it was a great indication for the temperament that your puppies all have. That being the reason Lola has a great temperament and is perfect around kids, dogs, or any new situation that she is involved in.

I look forward to the many years to come with Lola! She is a very loyal dog and just loves being around the family.


Todd T
Calgary, Ab



Sara/KD pup

Hi Jan

How are you?
I am just e-mailing you to say Hi and congratulations.. I really like your website.

Our Mika looks just like her dad KD, long hair and color. She is doing great what a lovely dog ... she is going to a puppy day care 3 times per week, she loves to play with dogs and keep herself busy.

We are very happy to have found the best breeder.. We love our dog. Thank You so much.
Take care and we hope to go and visit you one day this summer.

Maria, Tim & Mika



Sara/KD pup

Hi Jan....thank you for our very first puppy. It was very important to us to find the right kennel, the right breeder. Our experience with Janzhaus Kennels has far exceeded our expectations. Jan you were very good about answering my many questions and e-mails, allowing us to visit the puppies before we took her home. One of our main decisions to get a puppy from Janzhaus was because of the temperaments of the puppies and the parents.

Jax is now 7 months old and an awesome addition to our family. She is very playful and is especially calm around our children. She is spoiled rotten and we love her.

Thanks again Jan for our Jax and our experience with you and your kennel was fantastic.

Wes and Terri and JAX
Leduc, Ab



Keda/KD pup

Hi Jan

We are so happy with Kane. He is so good natured, and loves to play ball. He is excellent around people and little kids, but at the same time he looks impressive,and we don't get the unwanted visitors as we had in the past. He is very quick to learn and he is easy to train. Just an all around great companion.

Thank you for being there when we had questions too, as this has been great encouragement to us.

S and D Recknagle
Wetaskiwin, Alta



Dara/Cisko pup

Duke is fitting in great here with our family. My son loves to chase him around the backyard, and if my son starts straying to far into the field, Duke tries to herd him back. By far his best friend of all is Yogi our cat, and some nights we wonder why we didn't name them Garfield and Odie! Whenever we take him for walks in our neighborhood, people always comment about his markings and how he prances along head held high, very proud.

He is becoming very good at searching for toys in the bushes and tall grass around our house. His favorite toy is a soccer ball and it is almost impossible the get it from him!!And he is growing so fast. He is going to be a big boy. We are so very happy with him I will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a quality shepherd.

Attached are a few pics for you!

Jeff, Elsie, and Brennan!



Sara/KD pup


Things are going very well. Kodiak has brought new energy into our lives and it is hard not to spoil him. We started puppy kindergarten yesterday and everyone is excited about the classes. My daughter (8 yrs old) took notes and volunteered to do all the fun stuff, but the not-so-popular stuff has been delegated to Nancy and me.

He is by far the smartest little dog I ever met. That means a lot since our previous dog could do everything but type.

Anyway, thanks for staying in touch. If you visit Edmonton, give us a call and we can get together for a visit. I'll try to send pics later this week.

Manny M.
Edmonton, Ab





Sara/Cisko pup

Hey Jan,

First off I was very impressed with the information on your website, which proved to me that you cared deeply about your dogs and wanted the best homes for them. When I arranged my first visit I had a hard time leaving seeing how beautiful they were and how obvious your care and love for them was.

 Faust is a great dog- very quick to learn; and an amazing temperament- an absolute pleasure to train and have as my companion.
 I got Faust to the vet- who he apparently loves! really healthy, my vet (who's from Germany) says he hasn't seen such a beautiful German Shepherd since he was in Germany and asked who breeds such beautiful dogs!  Faust has been exploring everything and has made a few new friends who have become walking buddies when we go out- it's adorable watching him trying to keep up with the big kids and wanting to run with the pack- though he has to wait to get a bit bigger before he's allowed off lead.  Training has been amazing- so well tempered and wanting to learn. It usually only takes him about 4-5 repetitions before he catches on. He already sits, stays, lays down, comes when called and we are just working on heel now which again he's picking up really well. Very impressed!

So thank you again!
I couldn't have asked for a better dog. Superb!



Wini/Cisko pup
Dear Jan,

As you know, Zolli and I spend hours walking and running through some
secluded trails in the river valley. About a week ago, we were
approached by a man who had obviously been living roughly for some
time. Given his bizarre behaviour, I�m sure he was high on something
and he immediately began acting overly friendly toward me.

The situation felt incredibly creepy, and this man next tried to
endear himself to Zolli. Zolli however would have nothing to do with
that and she began lunging at him until he moved away from me.
Zolli�s message was perfectly clear: "You are not our friend, and get
away from my mom!"

I am thrilled that Zolli not only read the situation exactly right,
but that she responded in an intelligent, measured way. An encounter
like that would otherwise have rattled me but with Zolli so quickly
taking the situation in hand, we soon carried on with our run.

I feel very lucky to have such a devoted companion looking after me
and my family. Zolli of course earned extra hugs and treats that day
and I�m sure you are equally proud of our girl!

With best wishes to you and your beautiful dogs�




Fibi/Baro pup
This is the Campbell family from Fort McMurray and we just wanted to take the time to show off or Shepherd pup which we purchased from Jan. Able is 4.5 months in these pictures and he is already an unbelievable dog! He has a great calm temperament especially with our kids and all his dog buddy's (from the very large krdish kangal to our 6 LB chihuahua). He is almost 60LBS already and in perfect health, we chose to stick with the raw food diet and highly recommend it as it has given Able as well as our other two dogs such great coats, help big time with shedding and kept their weight as well as their teeth in check. The experience we had getting Able from Jan was great we got to see our pups parents right away as well as some of her other dogs and they were all great and she has a very large area for them and they are all very happy loving dogs. Able has been very quick to house train and lean basic commands with ease and even at the young age he is now he is already showing caution around strangers and protection of his yard and his family.  All and all we just want everyone to know that we highly recommend Janzhaus Shepherds if you are thinking of a Shepherd to join your family we couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better pup. The hardest part of having our pup is not going back to get another one!
(Picture with Three dogs are our pack... Benson (Poodle X), Abel( Shepherd), and Carlos (Applehead Chihuahua) They are all best friends and play very well together)
Evan and Melissa Campbell of Fort McMurray Alberta.

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