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Monday, November 26 2018
Spuds MacKenzie

Did ya know;

Spuds was a fictional dog created specifically for use in an advertising campaign for Budweiser Light Beer in the 1980's. Spuds not only sold beer, Spuds sold a lot of Spud merchandise like t-shirts and toys.

Spuds was a bull terrier, cast as a male but was in actuality a female. Her real name was Beauregard Lollygags. Now that's a name!

A lot of controversy followed Spuds throughout his/her career. Anheuser-Busch was accused of luring children into having an interest in their product by pitching Spuds to them. (It's interesting to note that the Federal Trade Commission found no evidence to support this previous allegation.)

When the Spuds image began overshadowing the product, Anheuser-Busch decided to pull the campaign in 1989.

So there are a few of our favorite TV dogs. How many more can you dig up... C'mon, it's not that ruff!

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Friday, November 16 2018
Doggie Blogs

Did ya know?


While German Shepherds are my favorites, Lassie has been an all time favorite TV dog for years (as well as being the only animal on Variety's "100 Icons of The Century" list!) This fictional female collie dog was created by Eric Knight in what was first a short story, then a novel and a movie (Lassie Come Home.)

In 1954 Lassie made it onto TV and the show lasted for 19 years! A second Lassie series emerged in the 1980s, then in 1997 a new Lassie series appeared on Animal Planet. Lassie was one of three animals to be awarded a star on the Hollywood 'Walk of Fame' (the other two being silent film star Strongheart and Rin Tin Rin.

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Thursday, November 15 2018

Here's little note from Toby who had anxiety problems when he travelled. His owners have been giving him CBD Oil for Pets and he is an eager traveller now. Toby's results are another reason I give the dogs at my Kennel CDB Oil.

Please give me a call or click on this link if you would like more information

"Proof is in the Pup"

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